Thursday, April 7, 2011

The World of Heptagalum

The world of Heptagalum is a massive Terran Planet (Jupiter size)  The surface of the planet is 90% Land and 10% Water. 
Humans appearred on the world a mere 500 years ago.  How they arrived, not even they know. For all of their exploring since arrival, only 5% of the landmass has been charted. 
Four Kingdoms have sprung up. 
Tayrippen - (Roman Empire)
Kasawary - (Japanese Shoguns)
Ith - (Britons)
Ban Un Ta - (Zulu)

These kingdoms have each spread out from each other, as space is seemingly unlimited.  There are other races present, so the land often has inhabitants who do not like the usurpers taking what they will. 

The Ban Un Ta have taken to the East, in the open grass lands.  Here they have encountered resistance from Dog Creatures and Horse Men.  The constant conflict has caused the Ban Un Ta to be guerilla warfare fighters without equal.  The Ban Un Ta follow grazers and live life almost exlusively on the go.  While they are an empire by name, they have no static cities. 

The Kasawary Have gone south, taken up residence on the shores of a large inland sea (Kasa).  Competition for the seas resources abound (from outside and within...)  Fishing and farming are the main occupations, and everyone is a soldier. .  The Gnomes hold fast to an Island Mountain inside the sea. Fishmen and other monstrosities seemingly come in unlimited supply from the depths.  Three large Castle Cities (Hoj, Sako, and Beyo) fortify the north west corner of Kasa. It is here that the Kasawary stand defiant.     

The Ith have gone North.  There they have found allies in the Elven in the forests from the west, and Dwarves from the Mountains to the north.  They are plagued still by raids and war parties of Orcs and Goblins and all forms of monsters that come down from the mountains, or from the earth below.  Battle Hardened and supplied with Dwarven Arms, they hold fast to the Fortresses and Towns they have formed in the Valleys below Worlds End Mountains. 

The Tayrippen have held tight to where they arrived. A small inland lake, with plenty of farm land and forest marks the seat of The Empire.  The least beset by the monstrous races, they had the time to gather massive armies.    They claim to be the original, the superior race.  While they have open trade with other sentient creatures, non humans are rare within the borders.  Seeing the other humans as inferior, they are quick to war over what they view as rightful resources or land.  And the Tayrippen deem anything found as a rightful resources...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recent Events In the Kingdom of Tayrippen

The Tayrippen have been at war with the Ith for the past 24 months over a set of mines on the southern border of the Ith Empire.  The Ith were supplied by the dwarves and reinforced by the Elves.  All the defense was for naught, as the Tayrippens Phalanxes have taken and secured the mines, and the surrounding area. 

The 3rd son of the King of Tayrippen lead the assault.  After a long and bloody conquest is on his way to return to Rojuan (Capital City) as the victor. 

The great TayRippen Prophet, Jixon Racie has made public a prophecy he has written 6 years ago.  It has been three weeks since it has gone public, and Jixons head now adorns the highest pike it could be stuck on.
Few have heard the prophecy, and repeating it can cause open execution.  Many rumors and myths abound as to what the Prophet said that caused his doom.  All known documents with the prophecy on it have been destroyed.

In one weeks time is the Festival of War.  Despite the name, this is a happy time in the kingdom of Tayrippen.  They all gather at the Altar of Kord in the Center of Rojuan.  Here the High Priest of Kord calls upon the God for blessing.  Every few years an Avatar of Kord will grace the Kingdom and bestow his blessings upon them.  The hopes are high that due to the successful campaign in the north, this will occur!